School Uniform & Anthem

School Uniform

Not only does a uniform make you proud and instils discipline, uniform also creates a sense of belonging and cohesiveness amongst peers. It is important for students to make a good impression, please ensure that school uniform is neat and according to our uniform policy. Please click below for a list of our school uniform for all grades.

We take pride in our uniform. Our High School students proudly wear their blazers.

Rules and Regulations

• Girls hair must be tightened with a blue, white or yellow ribbon
• Girls may put in extensions, braids or dreads but it must be of a natural color such as black, brown, dark brown or light brown.
• Girls may not have beads or other jewelry in their hair
• Boys with dreads and long hair must tighten their hair
• Beanies: In the winter learners may wear a Beanie. The Beanie may only be worn outside of a classroom. Once a child enters a classroom the Beanie must be removed. The learner may put it back when he/she leaves the classroom. Ed-U-College will only accept Ed-U-College Beanies. Any other Beanie or hat will be confiscated.

School Anthem

Lets take pride, know the words!

We work together, we strive for success,

At study or play we do our best,

How wonderful to grow and learn,

And add good knowledge to our lives.


We know that we can say yes, yes, yes,

May Ed-U-College be blessed.

We pray for courage and for strength, O Lord

Guide us and protect us,

In your loving arms.

Ed-U-College we say yes, yes, yes!

Yes, we are the best!

School Uniform

It’s important you make the right impression, please insure that your school uniform is correct and tidy. On our website you will find a list of the correct dress code for all grades.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

[Nelson Mandela]

Admissions & Registration

Our registrations for the next academic year open on the first Monday of July, annually. Click bellow to view the requirements for registrations and documents. No admittance in without correct documents.

Kindly visit the School office for registration documents and any enquiries or follow the link below to download.

Registration fee is payable with submission of registration forms.